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Raintree Community Church

Aug 31, 2020

Consider the Crumbling End of Amassing Wealth (vs. 1-3)

  • We need to view our wealth with God’s perspective, knowing that it will soon pass away.
  • Our temporal wealth will never satisfy the eternal longing in our hearts.


Consider the Condemning Indictment of Misusing Wealth (vs. 4-6)

  • The Lord of Hosts will judge the...

Aug 24, 2020

  1. Consider the Planning of Your Days (vs. 13)
  • Beware of the pride of planning your life apart from God
  • Beware of placing your hope in your plans. Put your hope in an all-wise God who is able and good.


  1. Consider the Passing of Your Days (vs. 14)
  • Be mindful that our time on this earth is fleeting
  • Be careful to spend...

Aug 18, 2020


The Path of Slander as Opposition to God and His Law (vs. 11)

  • Beware of self-exalting speech that passes judgment on others
  • When we pass judgment on others, we place ourselves in the place of God

The Prerogative of God’s Role as Lawgiver and Judge (vs. 12)

  • God is in the position of Lawgiver and Judge
  • God has the...