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Raintree Community Church

Aug 29, 2021

Text:  Psalm 127


The Fruitless Toil of Life Apart From Trusting God (127:1-2)

  • It is vain to build, watch, and work apart from a central trust in God.
  • When we trust in God and His promises, we will find true rest for our souls.



The Fruitful Blessing of Trusting God (127:3-5)

  • We must trust in the Lord to build...

Aug 22, 2021

Text:  Psalm 103


A Personal Call to Praise God for His Redemptive Work (103:1-5)

  • We are called to praise the Lord for His forgiveness, redemption, and healing.


A Corporate Call to Consider God’s Merciful and Gracious Character (103:6-18)

  • We are called to consider how God removes our sin and displays His...

Aug 16, 2021

Text:  Psalm 90


The Eternal Existence of God (90:1-2)

  • God will never cease to be a refuge for His people.
  • God will never cease to be God.


The Fleeting Existence of Man (90:3-11)

  • Man’s existence on earth is marked by brevity and fragility.
  • Man’s existence on earth is summed up in toil and trouble.



Aug 8, 2021

Text: Psalm 51 


Heart Confession (51:1-6)

  • David cries out to God for mercy, looking to His steadfast love.
  • David cries out to God for a thorough restoration and forgiveness.
  • Only God can forgive us from our sins and wash us clean from guilt.


Heart Cleansing (51:7-12)

  • David pleads with God to purify his heart from...

Aug 1, 2021

Text: Psalm 42 


God Satisfies the Thirsty Soul (42:1-4)

  • We should long for God like a deer pants for flowing streams of water.
  • We need to see God as our living hope and help amid our tears and doubts.



God Comforts the Distressed Soul (42:5-9)

  • We can become distressed when we believe that God has abandoned...