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Raintree Community Church

Mar 27, 2022

Text:  Mark 10:13-16


The Disciples’ Hindrance Displayed (10:13)

  • The crowd brought their children for Jesus to bless.
  • The disciples rebuked the crowd and hindered them from coming to Jesus.


 The Kingdom’s Entrance Unveiled (10:14-16)

  • Jesus rebukes the disciples for hindering the children from coming to...

Mar 20, 2022

Mark 10:10-12 & Selected Passages


Jesus’ Counter-Cultural Statement on Divorce and Remarriage (Mark 10:10-12; Matthew 19:3-12)

  • The disciples’ clarifying questions from their minds
  • Jesus’ counter-cultural answer for their hearts


God’s Comprehensive Record on Divorce & Remarriage

  • God laid out His plan for His...

Mar 13, 2022

Mark 10:1-9    The Challenging Question on Divorce (10:1-4)

  • The Pharisees came to trap Jesus in order to discredit His authority and destroy His popularity.


The Confrontational Answer to Hardened Hearts (10:5)

  • Jesus confronts the Pharisees on their hardness of heart toward God and His Word.


The Creation-Based...

Mar 6, 2022

Text: Mark 9:42-50


The Corporate Demand of Devotion (9:42)

  • Jesus gives a stern warning about causing others to stumble.
  • Jesus connects loving others to leading others toward righteousness.



The Costly Demand of Holiness (9:43-48)

  • Jesus calls us to deal seriously with our sin through radical amputation.
  • Jesus...