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Raintree Community Church

May 29, 2022

Text: Matthew 6:5-15


What should our attitude be in prayer?


  • As God's children, prayer begins with a focus on God’s name, kingdom, and will.
  • As God’s children, we recognize God’s holiness and desire that He would receive the glory He deserves.
  • As God’s children, we desire to see God’s kingdom expand and...

May 23, 2022

Text:  Mark 11:12-19


Fruitlessness Judged (11:12-14)

  • Jesus curses the fig tree for not producing any fruit.
  • The barren fig tree is an illustration of Israel, as they did not show any fruits of repentance and faith.



Faithlessness Exposed (11:15-19)

  • Instead of attacking the Romans, Jesus attacks and exposes the...

May 15, 2022

Text:  Mark 11:1-11


The Savior-King’s Providential Plan (11:1-7)

  • The divine fulfillment of Scripture
  • The divine authority of the Messiah


The Savior-King’s Dramatic Entrance (11:8-10; Luke 19:39-40)

  • Jesus receives the praise of the people who do not fully grasp His identity.
  • Jesus receives criticism from the...

May 8, 2022

The Sinner’s Desperate Plea for Mercy (10:46-48)

  • The blind man is undaunted in his pursuit of Jesus and His mercy.
  • The blind man did not need to see Jesus and His miracles of healing to believe that He was the Messiah.
  • The blind man serves as an illustration to us as sinners in need of God’s mercy to save us.


May 1, 2022

Text: Mark 10:32-45


The Cross and the Suffering Savior (10:32-34)

  • Jesus foretells His suffering and death for the third time.
  • Jesus proves that He is the Suffering Servant in Isaiah’s prophecy.


The Cross and Self-Centered Ambition (10:35-41)

  • The disciples pursued self-promotion from Jesus.
  • The disciples would...