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Raintree Community Church

Aug 28, 2022

Text:  Psalm 100


Praising the One Who is Truly God (100:1-3)

  • We must praise God with our lips and with our lives.
  • We must praise God with the knowledge that He alone is God.
  • We must praise God by remembering who we are and whose we are.


Praising the One Who is Truly Good (100:4-5)

  • We must come before God with a...

Aug 21, 2022

Text:  Psalm 63


Our Single-minded Pursuit of God (63:1-4)

  • We must earnestly desire God above everything else.
  • We will discover God’s love to be better than everything else.


Our Superior Pleasure in God (63:5-8)

  • We must find our delight and satisfaction in God alone.
  • We will discover that God is the One who...

Aug 14, 2022

Text: Psalm 56


Trusting God Through Fear (56:1-4)

  • We can only overcome our fears through faith in God and His Word.


Trusting God Through Affliction (56:5-11)

  • We must trust God alone to do what is good and right for His glory and our good.
  • We must remember how deeply God cares for us and how He will carry us...

Aug 7, 2022

Text:  Psalm 46


Our Omnipresent God is Strong Through it All (46:1-3)

  • Because God is our strength, we do not need to be given over to fear.
  • Because God is our salvation, we will be kept through eternity.


Our Omnipresent God is Sovereign Over All (46:4-7)

  • God’s eternal plan cannot be changed.
  • God’s continual...