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Raintree Community Church

May 21, 2023

One of our elders, Jeff Fitzgerald preached to us today from James 5:7-12. He exhorted us to consider five ways to let patience have its perfect work in our life.


First, we must wait with long patience with eternity in view, enduring affliction with a centered trust in God.


Second, we must establish and strengthen our hearts to be steadfast in light of Christ’s return.


Third, we must not become bitter or complain in the midst of difficult suffering. As we consider the example of the prophets, we see that in and through suffering God does His greatest work! God uses our trials to bring us into spiritual maturity and beauty.


Fourth, we must keep pressing on and not quit, considering the steadfastness of Job. If we want the blessing, we need to be willing to carry the burden. The path to glory is through suffering. God gives great grace and honor to those who endure.


Fifth, we must not swear oaths and make bargains with God under trial. This is the flippant use of God’s name to escape hardship. Instead we should pursue a life of character and integrity, patiently trusting in the Lord.