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Raintree Community Church

Oct 11, 2021

Text:  Mark 6:45-56


The Great I Am Intercedes (Mark 6:45-46)

  • Jesus dismisses His disciples and the crowd.
  • Jesus departs to the mountain to be alone with His Father and pray.


The Great I Am Intervenes (Mark 6:47-52)

  • Jesus walks on the water toward His disciples by displaying His deity (see Job 9:1-8; Isaiah 43:1-3).
  • Jesus dispels the disciples’ fears, proclaiming by His identity.
  • Jesus confronts disciples’ hardened hearts, by proving His Lordship over all things.


The Great I Am Interacts (Mark 6:53-56)

  • Jesus personally gives Himself to those in desperate need, knowing that He alone is what they need most of all.