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Raintree Community Church

Nov 29, 2021

Text:  Mark 8:11-26



The Prevalent Unbelief of the Pharisees (8:11-15)

  • The Pharisees came in their arrogance before Jesus to make their arguments to Jesus. They had no intention to listen and believe.
  • Jesus sees their unbelief and rejects their request for a sign.
  • The Pharisees’ unbelief serves as a warning to us, proving that even a small amount of unbelief can contaminate our hearts.


The Persistent Lack of Understanding in the Disciples (8:16-21)

  • The disciples are unaware of their spiritual blindness and are in danger of becoming hard-hearted.
  • Jesus addresses the disciples’ hearts by calling them to remember who He is and what He has done.


The Perfect Illustration of True Faith in the Blind Man (8:22-26)

  • The blind man is brought to Jesus by his friends and healed in progressive stages.
  • The healing of the blind man serves as an illustration of how faith is progressively developed in the heart by the Lord.