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Raintree Community Church

Jan 11, 2021

1. The Gospel Defines Us

  • The Gospel is the glorious announcement of what God has done through the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ’s work on the cross has satisfied God’s holy wrath, secured forgiveness of sins, and given eternal life to all who repent and trust in Christ alone for their salvation. Therefore, the Gospel is not what God requires.  The Gospel is what God provides.  The Gospel is not about human action, it’s about divine achievement.  The gospel is not a moralistic “Do.”  The Gospel is a merciful “Done.”  The Gospel isn’t good advice – it’s good news. The Gospel is what we believe, and it is where we stand by God’s grace


2. The Gospel Drives Us

  • We are compelled by the Gospel to no longer live for ourselves, but for Christ alone


3. The Gospel Deploys Us

  • We are sent out as Christ’s ambassadors to proclaim how sinners can be reconciled to God through the power of the Gospel