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Raintree Community Church

Mar 15, 2021

The Tough Crowd that Came to See Jesus (2:1-2)

  • The crowd is made up of Pharisees, Rabbis, and Scribes (Luke 5:17).
  • Jesus continues His preaching of the Word (Gospel of the Kingdom)


The Real Faith that is Seen by Jesus (2:3-5)

  • Jesus saw the active faith of the men who brought their friend to Him
  • These men were determined to see Jesus and believed that He could heal their friend.


The True Forgiveness that is Granted by Jesus (2:6-12)

  • Jesus displayed His divine authority in forgiving the sin of the paralytic.
  • Jesus demonstrated His omniscient authority in calling out the Scribes for their lack of faith
  • Jesus proved His divine power over sin by displaying His power over sin’s effects.