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Raintree Community Church

May 29, 2022

Text: Matthew 6:5-15


What should our attitude be in prayer?


  • As God's children, prayer begins with a focus on God’s name, kingdom, and will.
  • As God’s children, we recognize God’s holiness and desire that He would receive the glory He deserves.
  • As God’s children, we desire to see God’s kingdom expand and come in its fullness.
  • As God’s children, we agree with God’s commands and pray that they would be followed on earth as they are in heaven.
  • As God's children, we pray for our needs, forgiveness for sin, and grace to overcome sin.
  • As God’s children, we pray for the needs of believers around us and our needs, recognizing we are completely dependent on God to provide and that our Father loves to take care of His children.
  • As God’s children, we confess our sins and forgive others who sin against us.