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Raintree Community Church

Jul 25, 2021

Text: Psalm 23


The All-Satisfying Shepherd King Who Leads Us (23:1-3)

  • The Lord is our personal provider of all that we need
  • The Lord is our personal soul renewal
  • The Lord is our personal leader toward righteousness


The Ever-Present Shepherd King Who Protects Us (23:4-5)

  • The Lord personally walks with us through all seasons of life and through death itself.
  • The Lord personally protects us and provides a victory meal in the presence of our enemies.


The All-Loving Shepherd King Who Dwells With Us (23:6)

  • We can be assured of God’s sovereign goodness and mercy in our lives.
  • We can be assured of being in God’s presence for all eternity because of what our Shepherd-King accomplished in the Gospel.