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Raintree Community Church

Mar 26, 2023

Text:  Mark 15:16-32


The Shame He Endured for Sinners (Mark 15:16-20)  

  • Jesus endured the mockery of the soldiers, the crowd, and the religious leaders.
  • Jesus’ prediction in Mark 10:33-34 came to pass and fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 50:6.
  • Gospel Implication: Jesus bore the shame that we deserved as sinners...

Mar 19, 2023

Text:  Mark 15:1-15


The Question of Authority and Kingdom (Mark 15:1-5)       

  • Jesus affirms His kingship.
  • Jesus explains His otherworldly Kingdom (John 18:33-38).
  • Gospel Implication: Pilate is amazed by Jesus’ presence, but will not give allegiance to Jesus’ authority.


The Exchange of Jesus and Barabbas...

Mar 12, 2023

Text: Mark 14:66-72


A Scene of Distant Following (Mark 14:54,66)

  • Peter cautiously follows Jesus at a distance, trying to make sense of what was unfolding.
  • Peter’s previous statements of loyalty would soon be tested.


A Sequence of Defensive Denials (Mark 14:67-71)

  • Peter’s loyalty is placed on trial with...

Mar 5, 2023

Text:  Mark 14:53-65


A Secret Trial of Conspiracy (Mark 14:53-60) 

  • The trial was shrouded in deception and injustice at every level.
  • The religious leaders assembled the evidence from false witnesses to get their intended verdict.
  • Jesus’ intentional silence during the trial fulfills prophecy (Isaiah 53:7)