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Raintree Community Church

Dec 26, 2022

Text: John 1:1-9


The Identity of Jesus Unveiled (John 1:1-5)

  • Jesus is God's living, active, and final Word in demonstrating who He is in both creating us and saving us.
  • Jesus is the true Light coming into the world, piercing the darkness.

The Witness of Jesus Portrayed (John 1:6-9)
  • Like hundreds of links in a...

Dec 18, 2022

Text: Matthew 2:1-12

The Wise Men Desired to Seek and Worship the Messiah

  • While we do not know much about the wise men’s identity, we do know about their intention to know and adore Christ.
  • The journey and gifts of the wise men convey theological and prophetic significance (Psalm 72:10-11; Isaiah 60:3-6).


Herod the...

Dec 4, 2022

Text:  Matthew 1:18-25  


The Miracle of Jesus’ Birth (Matthew 1:18)

  • The nature of the incarnation: Jesus is fully God and fully man.
  • This is central to the Christian faith!
The Crisis of Jesus’ Birth (Matthew 1:19-20)
  • Mary’s pregnancy proved to be a test of Joseph’s faith.
The Purpose of Jesus’ Birth...