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Raintree Community Church

Dec 14, 2020

The Setting of God’s Promised Comfort (Is. 40:1-2)

  • God’s message of renewing comfort comes in the midst of man’s sin and failure
  • God’s message of renewing comfort is reinforced with compassion, reminding His people that God always keeps His promises


The Substance of God’s Promised Comfort (Is. 40:3-5)

  • The promise of God’s renewing comfort is fulfilled in the promised Messiah
  • The Messiah will come to accomplish God’s purpose and His glory will be revealed


The Sureness of God’s Promised Comfort (Is. 40:6-8)

  • All of humanity will fade and die, but God’s Word endures forever
  • The certainty of God’s promises rests on His faithful and enduring Word


The Spreading of God’s Promised Comfort (Is. 40:9-11)

  • The Gospel message must not only be received and enjoyed, but shared and spread to others for the glory of God.
  • The Gospel message brings us to a mighty Shepherd who carries us in His arms.