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Raintree Community Church

Aug 1, 2021

Text: Psalm 42 


God Satisfies the Thirsty Soul (42:1-4)

  • We should long for God like a deer pants for flowing streams of water.
  • We need to see God as our living hope and help amid our tears and doubts.



God Comforts the Distressed Soul (42:5-9)

  • We can become distressed when we believe that God has abandoned us.
  • We can easily become weighed down by constant trials.
  • We can rest in God’s faithful love to meet us in our trials.



God Transforms Our Troubled Souls (42:5, 9-11)

  • We must anchor our hope to God’s faithful character by rehearsing God’s promises.
  • Instead of listening to our hearts, we must speak truth to direct our hearts to God.