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Raintree Community Church

Jul 3, 2022

Text:  Psalm 8


God’s Universal Praise Displayed (8:1)

  • The majesty and glory of God’s name fills all that He has made.
  • This universal praise is the purpose for which we were created.


God’s Strength Declared through Man’s Weakness (8:2-4)

  • God has chosen to display His strength toward His enemy through the weakness of man.
  • God, the Preeminent One has chosen to condescend to us and care for us.


Man’s Dominion Granted by God (8:5-8)

  • God has entrusted man with stewardship and dominion over what He has made in creation.
  • This refers to the vice-regency God gave Adam at creation (Genesis 1:28)


God’s Universal Praise Reprised (8:9)

  • God’s praise resounds at the end of this psalm just like it began.
  • God’s glory will be displayed as Jesus, the Son of God defeats Satan, sin, and death on the cross and the resurrection. He is worthy of all praise!